Cheap Food Options in New York City

Cheap Food Options in New York City

A main concern of anyone planning a trip to New York is the amount of money that they will spend on food. In fact, this city has some of best eating options in the whole of the US. The size and diversity of the population also ensures that practically every cuisine in the world is catered for cheap recipes sweden.

We all know that New York is a vast, multi cultural metropolis, which so good news for us as we will be able to find any kind of cuisine. You can literally eat your way around the world without leaving the city or breaking the bank. One of my personal favorites is Falafel, and one of the best shops serving this is in New York is Rainbow Falafel. Whether you have tried it before, you are in for a tasty treat.

New York and hot dogs go together like peanut butter and jelly, and the best hot dogs I’ve found are at Gray’s Papaya. The price is astounding; 2 hotdogs and a drink for $2, wow! The decor leaves a lot to be desired however and is of the standard you would expect from somewhere that only charges $2 for a meal. So ignore the lack of decoration and concentrate on your hotdogs.

If you like your sandwiches big and meaty and full of flavor, head down to Tony Luke’s. They are huge, and a side order of fries with cheese and a soda make for a very satisfying meal. You are probably really hungry after reading about all this food, but the main point of this article is to let you all know that despite popular belief, there are many places in New York where you can eat well without it costing the earth.

Isn’t it a great feeling that you can now enjoy your trip to New York without constantly worrying about having enough money to eat? It’s also good to know that cheap in New York doesn’t mean poor quality.

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