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Inexperienced Greed is Good – Come Again G Gekko

Inexperienced Greed is Good – Come Again G Gekko

Whereas us good intentioned and anxious members of the human race have been recycling our aluminium cans, utilizing recycled paper and utilizing public transport in our makes an attempt to save lots of our valuable and solely planet, it now’s turning into clear that now we have been conned all the best way alongside. Our efforts have been going completely nowhere.

What now we have achieved individually up to now could also be good for our soul, however on the finish of the day it’s massive multinational enterprises and governments who’re destroying planet Earth for our grandchildren. They usually have not been prepared to decelerate their damaging practices and insurance policies.

Till now. All has modified. As I write, the world of presidency and commerce is assembly in Copenhagen to do what I do not actually know. In all probability difficulty a pleasant declaration on the final day, after which they’ll all go residence after two weeks of excellent meals and wine.

Nonetheless, it’s a part of a temper shift throughout the economies of the world at current in direction of a brand new cash making alternative. Inexperienced Greed. Gordon Gekko would approve of this I’m positive. It’s proper up his monopolistic road, the place companies can exploit their shoppers for max profit and most significantly, revenue. Did you actually suppose that our planet could be saved by variety hearted, socially spirited and accountable people working collectively ไล่จิ้งจก?

The unhappy reality is that in all our greatest endeavours, nothing was ever going to occur till somebody might revenue from saving the world. This course of has now began. Inexperienced applied sciences at the moment are massive enterprise. The crying disgrace is which were round for a really very long time, however the ‘market’ was not ripe sufficient to be totally exploited.

Think about this. The silicon chips that run our computer systems and virtually every thing we contact today have elevated in energy and effectivity and lowered in value by a mean of 50% per yr since 1985. See Moore’s Regulation for particulars. If the photovoltaic chip that’s utilized in photo voltaic power assortment had made the identical progress in that point, we’d be accumulating our personal electrical energy totally free from a really small collector on our roofs, balconies or grass huts by now. However the important thing phrase right here is free. Aside from ourselves, who would need us to have free non-polluting power? Actually not power corporations with shareholders. Actually not governments who tax power. What would occur to the world economic system if power was free? The reply to this query has been the issue all the best way alongside.

Do not fret although, we’ll get our renewable power within the coming years. When it’s worthwhile to promote it to us. When it may be commercially exploited. When Inexperienced Greed will be utilized to its distribution. When governments can tax daylight, wind and tides.

So please, come again Gordon Gekko. The world must be saved from international warming and climatic disaster. That you must extoll the virtues of greed as soon as once more, however this time in a Inexperienced Greed kind to encourage companies to get to work on exploiting us as soon as once more within the good title of Planet Saving Greed.